For students who are targeting very high profile UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College

1 Year Programme 07 Sep 2020 – 26 Jun 2021 Applications open 11 months Tier 4 Visa

2 Academic years 07 Sep 2020 – 24 Jun 2022 Applications open 22 months Tier 4 Visa

A and AS level re-takes Custom designed Applications open

January 2020 13 Jan 2020 – 21 Jun 2021 Applications closed Tier 4 Visa

A-Level Programmes in Cambridge

The A-level qualification remains the standard method of progression to universities and Cambridge Seminars offers three main A-Level routes to university. Cambridge Seminars is a recognised examination centre for the following British examinations: AQA, OCR and Edexcel. AS and A-Level examinations are now taken in June only.

We offer the opportunity to study A-Levels over a wide range of options, ranging from a full two-year three or four subject programme to a focussed one term support programme in one particular module or subject.

Students targeting elite and very high profile UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics, or intending to read medicine are advised to offer A-Levels with top grades. As you will appreciate this not only requires academic ability but the discipline and the mental attitude to become a high achiever. Our role is to guide these students to meet their career aspirations.

Studying A-Levels with us will maximise your future success. We are proud of our reputation for teaching excellence, personal attention to student needs, small class sizes, competitive prices, excellent examination results and outstanding University application support and advice.

2 Years Programme
1 Year Programme
A-Level Retakes
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Designed primarily for students following completion of the GCSE qualification or its equivalent, students usually take 4 subjects in the first year of study and continue with 3 subjects in the second year. The fourth subject will certificate at AS level. This is a relatively standard format in the independent sector of education. Those candidates targeting Oxford and Cambridge and other very high profile university courses are advised to consider taking the fourth subject to A-level. The course normally runs from September to June in each of the academic years but can also be started any time. Students have 4 hours of tuition in each subject in the first year and 6 hours per subject in year two.

Year 1



Hours per week


Subject per week




Total Hours


Year 2



Hours per Subject per Week


Hours per Week


No of Weeks


Total Hours


This is a demanding academic programme designed primarily for students who have previously studied at A-Level or its equivalent. This is an intensive programme of study with 8 hours of class time per subject per week. All module / unit exams are taken in June. This programme normally runs from September to June but can also be started any time.

Year 1


3 2 1

Hours per Subject per Week

8 8 8

Hours per Week

24 16 8

No of Weeks

34 34 34

Total Hours

816 544 272

Students who have previously been unsuccessful in meeting their required or target A-Level grades for university entrance may wish to retake subjects or just those units in which they have under-performed. This programme is unit-specific and runs from either September to June or January to June although there are other possibilities particularly if a candidate has only narrowly missed out on their required grades. One-to-one tuition is available, therefore short term revision and exam preparation programmes can be tailored to meet a candidate’s individual academic needs.

Please contact the Director of Studies to discuss your individual requirements.

Archie Macer Bloomfield
From UK, A-Level Complishing

Hello, My name is Archie.

I moved to Cambridge Seminars College after Christmas to finish my A-Levels. The environment on my first day was welcoming and I seemed to fit into the college quickly. My teachers are extremely helpful and are making me feel confident and ready for my exams. The staff and other students are friendly.

The college is helping me with my choices for further education also.

Puja Chudasama
From UK, A-Level Retake

I really enjoy studying at CSC starting in September I was instantly welcomed in a friendly and mature manner. They were the most accommodating allowing me to choose when I would like to have my lessons and the duration of it.

Applying to university and writing personal statements can be very difficult but also stressful. However at CSC they offered me constant help throughout the entire process and meeting the UCAS deadline and allowing me to concentrate on studying again. There is always a friendly atmosphere in college, making your time at college as comfortable as possible.


We recognise that feeling comfortable in a home environment is essential for students who want to study to the best of their ability.

We like to ensure that all our students have their own rooms with appropriate facilities and storage space. We help students locate accommodation within the city and an easy commute to the college, which is centrally located near both the busy shopping and historic centres.

Option 1 - Student residence

Students can book their own rooms in a brand new student residence. It is beautifully decorated with a very good location, just a 20 minute walk away from college.

Please note that the residence is for 18+ years old only.

Please follow the link to book your room


Option 2 - Host Family Accommodation

We have well-established links with local host families who provide term-time accommodation to students on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner included). Some families look after just one or two students while others are happy to provide accommodation for several students. Students have their own individual rooms with study facilities. Host family accommodation is particularly suitable for students who appreciate a family atmosphere.

Standart £200/week £5200/6 month

En-suite £235/week £6110/6 month

How to Apply

For a place on this programme you will need to send us/upload:

• A copy of your passport;

• Proof of your English level if available – IELTS 5.0 (we do not formally require a certificate);

• Secondary Education transcript, High School Certificate/Diploma, IGCSE/GCSE or equivalent;

• Postal address.

If you are an International student, you may need to apply for a Short term or Tier 4 study visa.

We will send you an invitation letter to support your visa application and will assist you with any queries you may have

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