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Cambridge Seminars College has a long history of working productively with many trusted student recruitment agencies, both across the world and in the UK.

Why work with Cambridge Seminars College?

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are many such UK colleges offering academic and English language programmes to UK and international students. Opportunities to sign new partnership agreements arise every day.
I would like to ask you a question: what is the main factor in choosing a college with which to partner?

These are the factors which make us different, guaranteeing a high-quality student experience and outstanding customer service:

• Each and every student is our priority, which is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 10 students (4.6 per class on average). This ensures that students get the personal attention and guidance essential to their progression. We believe students are our future. It is therefore essential that we provide them with the best possible options and progression routes and support them throughout their journey.

• We don’t do “average” — we do “very good”, so over 72% of our students achieve A or A* grades;

• We take our responsibilities seriously, and understand the effort and commitment both parents and students make by coming to study in the UK. This is why our robust attendance and behavior policies ensure that over 97% of our students have successfully entered UK universities after completing our Foundation programme.

• We value our relationships with our partners highly and offer constant support and advice for you, your students or their parents;

• We are not afraid to go the extra mile and offer something different — be it personalised tuition, academic and study skills advice, UCAS workshops and exam techniques classes;

• We see the student as a whole and understand their journey an development. Our pastoral support and activities help us develop the individual and allow each student to be their best.

• We don’t chase “stats”. We want each student to progress and fulfil their potential, whatever or wherever that may be.

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Head of Recruitment and Business Development

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What other agents say about Cambridge Seminars College
Lebari Edo-Ukpong (Mrs)
Managing Director Inside Edge Limited

I just want to appreciate your professional service during
the last admission cycle. Your response to my initial inquiry
was prompt and detailed and the process from registration
to enrollment was seamless which made my work with the
student easier. I visited the College and quite liked the small
class sizes and individual attention to student’s issues
including academic and pastoral.
I look forward to an enduring and productive relationship
with Cambridge Seminars College.

Alexander Suslov
International Exam Centre Association of Language Schools (ALS)

My cooperation with CSC hasn`t been very long yet. I`ve sent only one student for a foundation programme. But my first impressions are very positive. Please find advantages of the college programme for both a student and an agent
1. A foundation course longs for 6 months so a student doesn`t have to apply for a Tier 4 visa. And it`s much easier to get the one having an Alevel or a Foundation diploma and previous 6 months visa
2. High quality of teaching (according to my student)
3. Recognition. My student had no problem applying for a undergraduate course at 2 unversities
4. Student care. When student asked to change her accomodation – it was done very quickly
5. Academic staff support. We received all references and transcripts from CSC director of studies when they were demanded by the unversity
6. Good and quick communication between me as an agent and the college admin on all stages – applying, getting docs for a visa, looking for accomodation, applying to a university ets.
7. Good comission rate and very fast comission payment

Telegram_2019-10-22 13-11-37@2x
Head of Recruitment and Business Development

Cooperating with Cambridge Seminars College is a fantastic experience. All the staff are very supportive, which have made all the applications always in a fast track. Our students are very excited of being a member of CSC, and they are always taken cared by the kind teachers at CSC. We do believe we would like to have a long term cooperation together in the future’.

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