5 of the most common reasons for Student Visa refusals

We understand that although applying for your Student Visa is an exciting time, it requires a lot of thought and planning to ensure that your application is successful. To help your Student Visa application proceed smoothly, here are 5 of the most common reasons for Student Visa refusals.

1. Failure to meet financial requirements.

To apply for a Student Visa, you must be able to prove that you can financially afford the length of your stay. If you cannot show proof of this then your Student Visa will immediately will be refused, not only because the Immigration Officer will be concerned that you will run out of money, but they will also likely be suspicious that you may not be intending to complete your course. You will also need to show a consistent source of income, rather than just receiving a lump sum of money. This source of income will also be used as proof that you can pay for your future studies.

2. Correct documents not provided.

Another point that may seem obvious, but happens very frequently, is students not providing all of the required documents. This is usually down to students either being unsure about which documents to provide, or not being to find the documents initially, so just applying for the Student Visa without them and hoping it will be okay. It is essential that you provide every document that is required otherwise your Student Visa will be refused without a second thought. If you have any doubts, please ensure that you speak to either a member of staff at Cambridge Seminars College or a qualified Student Visa Adviser.

3. Large deposits.

It is common that a friend or family member will transfer a large sum of money to a student in order to aid them in their stay. This can look suspicious to the Immigration Officer, for this reason, it is essential that you give a detailed explanation as to the source of the money and the reason why you’ve received it.

4. Following advice from a friend or family member.

Following the advice of a friend or family member who is not qualified to give such advice is a very common reason for your Student visa being refused. The likelihood is that although this person may have some knowledge on the Student Visa process, it is unlikely that they will be an expert on it. Even if they have obtained a Student Visa themselves in the past, you should not follow their advice as the application process is frequently changing. We highly recommend that you speak with someone who has a proven track record of working with Student Visas and is qualified to do so. Here at Cambridge Seminars College, our staff can give you experienced advice for free, or alternatively, if you would like expert advice, we can pass your enquiry onto our partner lawyers company and they can act as your direct agent for an additional fee. If you would like more information on our lawyer service, please respond to this email.

5. Mistakes in the application form.

Although it may seem obvious, mistakes in the application form is one of the most common reasons for Student Visas being refused. This doesn’t just mean spelling or formatting issues, it also refers to not being detailed enough in your answers and explanations. Honesty is the best policy with your answers and although it can be time-consuming, it is certainly worth including as many details as possible, as leaving out details may look suspicious to the Immigration Officer. It is also important to do comprehensive research on your stay as this will reflect in your answers and will show the Immigration officer that you are serious and prepared for your stay in the UK.

We hope that you find this information helpful, we wish you the best of luck with your Student Visa and hope to see you soon.

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