A look back at 2019 in Cambridge Seminars College

The key word this year has been growth.

After 38 great years of Cambridge Seminars College, we decided that it was time to expand. This began with the staff, we have expanded our Marketing department to accommodate the needs of both prospective students, and long serving agents. We have also expanded our welfare department to include student services, ensuring that our current students needs are always catered for and that they always have someone to go to if they have a problem.

We had a great September intake, which introduced us to a number of wonderful students. Every one of them has been working hard on their studies and we are confident that each and every one of them has a great future ahead of them!

We are proud to say that a number of students have already enquired about wanting to extend their stay here. As well as some students wanting to send friends and family members here.


Throughout the year we saw a great diversity between the nationalities of our students.


It’s not only the people that are new though, we have also introduced a number of new programmes. These include our new Bespoke A-level and GCSE Easter Revision courses, as well as our new Teachers programme and our new Summer school, all starting in 2020!

The college itself is also involved in the growth. Despite many great years in our current building, we have decided that it’s time to move on to a larger building. This comes as a result of a 20% increase in students studying with us this year, with an even larger increase expected next year! The college is also located much closer to Cambridge train station making travel to and from the college much easier.


2019 also saw a large increase in the number of activities that we offered to students. Many of these were done with a healthy outlook, such as Football and Basketball, the fun wasn’t all for the students though, as they staff enjoyed playing along as well.


The year began winding down with a lovely Christmas party at All Bar One featuring an amazing array of food. Plenty of fun and laughter was had…. That is up until the claws came out in the Christingle game! Featuring a Marshmallow gun being claimed 3 separate times!


It was a humbling end to the year with our Christmas jumper day raising money for Save the Children, a charity focused on helping children in need. Both staff and students donated to the cause whilst members of staff came wearing their best (or often worst) Christmas jumper.


All of us at Cambridge Seminars college hope that you had a great Christmas and new year, we hope that 2019 was a great year for you and that 2020 will bring you much happiness and success. Please be sure to keep updated with our Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as keeping up to date with our vast range of blogs (especially mine!).

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Jack Pursey
Sales and marketing

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I deal with the sales and marketing side of the college. I have a vast range of responsibilities, including preparing student offer letters, assisting with visa applications, and arranging student accommodation. I am also responsible for the College’s social media pages, where I aim to increase the company’s online presence. Outside of work my interests are predominately sports-related, I have played many team sports over the years such as Football, Cricket and Basketball. As well as individual sports such as snowboarding and tennis.

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