A Short Guide to an Epic Summer 2021 in Cambridge

Traditionally, summer schools provide young learners with opportunities to meet new people, learn a little English and enjoy a taste of UK culture. However, if the past year has taught us anything, it is that real education today is more important than ever. Not only in inventing the next vaccine and treatment, but in gaining a true understanding of humanity’s partnership with nature and what it means to be an individual within the global village. 

This year, at Cambridge Seminars College, we have decided to bridge the gap between traditional fun and revolutionary thought; and are proud to be launching our new CSC Academic Experiences programmes –  designed to help the young learners of today become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our new Summer Programmes, which are part of CSC Academic Experiences are full-time, immersive Summer and Winter Academic experiences for 13 – 17 year olds. These provide the perfect mix of English Language, Academic Subject and Personal Professional Development guidance and tuition to bring the most out of eager young minds.  

Lasting from 5 July 2021 to 22 August 2021, our summer programmes enable students to strengthen their academic and cultural English, explore a future career, develop leadership skills, and build lasting friendships with peers from all over the world. All of this, while still leaving time for those traditional summer activities, too!

Each afternoon and evening there will be a range of culturally enriching and intellectually stimulating activities to choose from. Students will explore their abilities and gain vital communication, presentation and leadership skills. Whether this is through Escape Rooms, Treasure Hunts, Games Night or an epic Lip Sync Battle. It doesn’t stop here. Have you ever heard the age-old Chinese proverb that says “Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books!? We believe in doing both! Our Students will expand their horizons through living first-hand quintessential British Experiences. Punting? Shakespeare Festival? We’ve got you covered!

In addition, inquisitive young minds will be treated to a trip to the University of Cambridge Museums and its Botanic Gardens. In addition, there will also be guided trips to the world renowned cities of Oxford, Ely, Bath, Brighton and London. And perhaps, a cheeky traditional English tea, after a bike ride along the River Cam by the scenic English countryside, promises to delight you all!

But we are most proud of our academic programmes: 


Students interested in STEM have two excellent choices: our Einstein and Hawking subject taster, focusing on Astro Physics, Maths, Physics and Mechanics, or our Hippocrates and Curie subject taster in Medicine, via Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Psychology. Both are worthwhile pursuits for the quantitatively-inclined.


Those interested in becoming the next Quentin Tarantino or Donatella Versace would do well to seek out the Khalo and Spielberg subject taster in Film, Photography, Art and Fashion Design. By choosing this programme, you will stay on top of the latest fashion trends, and gain a practical insight into film, television, theatre and interactive media.


Future change-makers will enjoy the Socrates and Ginsburg programme. Students will deepen their insight on the nature of power, where the past defines its present and the present defines its future. It builds upon many different skills such as critical thinking and analytical ability, as it provides the first step in the study of the interaction between Law, Philosophy, Politics and History.


Junior entrepreneurs will benefit from Jobs and Musk subject tasters in Business, Marketing, Design Innovation and Economics. This programme will deepen your interest in, and knowledge of, the strategic requirements required for a successful career in this area while opening a door to real-world international business settings. 

The fine print:

For students:

Why is CSC’s Young Leaders Summer Programme 2021 different from a traditional summer school? 

CSC Academic Experiences are about giving young learners a meaningful, maybe even life-changing experience. Our Summer Programmes offer a better way to dip a toe in the water, and get an exciting glimpse into the university experience – a university with water wings, where developing minds are about to take those first few splashes on their own full-fledged and fascinating pathway to university.

You will exceed your potential by learning through exploration and experimentation; taking specialised courses delivered by tutors with a range of PhDs, MScs and a myriad of other qualifications and experiences.  Living an authentic British college life, staying in  fully catered accommodation, and engaging with like-minded peers in culturally enriching trips and activities, will not only be memorable, but help to bring the best out of each individual..

By living the CSC experience, you will be following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, and over 80 Nobel prize winners from a dizzying variety of academic fields. Studying cutting edge subjects and living in the very heart of Cambridge within a world-class university setting – such a unique combination of tradition and innovation cannot easily be found elsewhere. 

For parents: 

Will  Academic Experiences 2021 help your child’s chance at university admission?

YES! With all the competition out there, an increasing number of universities in the UK are taking into account how applicants spend their summer holidays. Therefore, what students do during this time can actually help them stand out from other applicants with similar grades. 

In response to this trend, CSC has launched a carefully designed, complete and integrated summer programme that will tackle each of the academic challenges and competency skills required for future, aspiring applicants. The course includes sessions on the UK university application system, and hints and tips on how to stand the best chances of being accepted in the university of your dreams. 

And finally: 

Since 1981, Cambridge Seminars College has made it its mission to help the young students of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Whichever you choose, each of our summer programmes will provide the unique opportunity to spend summer in a different and more productive way: one that involves exploring a new destination, enhancing your education and leadership capabilities, and gaining a world of experiences that will last for a lifetime!

For more information check out our Summer Programme website http://academicexperiences.csc.uk/, drop us an email experiences@csc.uk , or follow us on Instagram: @cambridgeseminars and Facebook: Cambridge Seminars College. 

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