Foundation vs A-level

Choosing between studying a Foundation programme or an A-level programme is a very common question that modern students need to answer. Here we will breakdown the key differences between the two programmes to help you decide which programme is a better fit for you.


Arguably the biggest difference between A-level and Foundation is the length of the two programmes. A-level is usually two academic years where-as Foundation can be 6 or 9 months, both involve roughly the same amount of lessons per week.

University opportunities

Upon completing an A-level or Foundation programme with us, you will be able to apply directly to University to study a bachelor’s degree. All universities in the UK accept our A-level programme, this includes the most prestigious universities such as Cambridge University and Oxford University. Our Foundation programme, due to its length, is not accepted by a small handful of the top universities. The programme is still accepted by 113 UK universities though, giving you a huge variety of universities to choose from.

Subject choice

The subjects that we offer for Foundation and A-level are exactly the same, with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary which can only be studied at A-level. The reason that we don’t offer these subjects at Foundation is that generally speaking, Universities will only accept students who have studied a full 2-year A-level programme and achieved top grades onto their Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary courses, due to the high competition for places. Most of our students study 3 subjects with us.

Foundation VS A-level which is better?

Despite the differences between the two programmes as mentioned in this blog post, the reality is that there is no objectively better programme, instead, it comes down to personal preference. If for example, you wanted to study Medicine at Cambridge University, then A-level is the programme for you. However, for students who are not expecting to study at the top UK universities, Foundation is likely your best option due to the shortened length and cheaper price.

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