How Easter Revision can improve your exam grades

Our GCSE & A-level Easter Revision programme is just a few weeks away.

We do still have a few spaces remaining, however they’re running out fast. If you’re still undecided on whether an Easter Revision programme would be beneficial for you, here are 5 ways in which our GCSE & A-level Easter Revision programmes can improve your exam grades.

⦁ Exam board specific group tuition in small classes (max 4 per class)
One issue with some Easter Revision programmes, is that the school will try to cram as many students as possible into each class. This is very un-productive for a student as it means that the course content will cover a number of different exams boards and ultimately be un-specific to each student needs. Our classes will contain no more than 4 students and will be specific to the student’s exam board of choice. Furthermore, the small class sizes will allow tutors to give students the individual attention that they need.

⦁ Daily 1-2-1 sessions to tackle individual issues and gaps
Following on from the previous point about the importance of individual attention for students, our Easter Revision programme includes daily one to one session between the student and their tutor. These sessions aim to help and support the student in the subject areas that they most need to work on, as well as giving the student a chance to answer any questions that they may have.

⦁ Expert tuition from highly qualified and experienced tutors
To ensure that students are getting the best academic support possible, we have carefully selected tutors for the Easter Revision programme who are highly qualified to teach the specific subject and exam board that the student is interested in. Furthermore, many of the tutors who will be teaching during our Easter Revision programme have PHD’s and Master’s degrees from leading Universities.

⦁ Pre-course diagnostic tests available, thus tailoring the course to individual needs
We want our tutors to understand exactly what the student’s strengths and weaknesses are as soon as the course starts. This is why we have pre-course diagnostic tests available, so that no time is wasted in giving the student the support that they need.

⦁ Up to one-hour post-course online 1-2-1 support
Within a month after the end of the course, students can call their tutors for up to one hour. This can be helpful if students want to discuss or go over something that the tutor taught them, or if they have any questions that they may have forgotten to ask during their course.

If you have any questions about our Easter Revision programme or would like to apply, please contact

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