International student’s life in Cambridge

My name is Kasia and I work for the college Marketing and Sales team.

I make sure that the daily team operations run smoothly as well as overlooking all student’s application process. At the same time, myself and my colleagues always make sure that all students can find exactly what they are looking for while applying for our programmes.

A big part of coming to study abroad are the cultural differences and for some students this can be a vital factor for making the final decision.

I am Polish and I was once in exactly the same situation as many of you. Before coming to the UK, I had many questions about my future life here and how this will impact my education, work and plans for the future.

Coming to the UK for the first time was a big learning curve for me, but also an amazing experience of meeting many people from different countries, being able to experience their culture, way of living, share the common interests and passions.

It made me realise how similar we all are, despite sometimes a long distance between our countries.

Cambridge is located in the East of England, 50 miles north of London, and is a unique and beautiful city, renowned for its world-class university and the thriving high technology businesses that have grown around it.

It’s a pleasant city to live in with a family, for work or study and however you like to spend your time, there’s always something to keep you entertained.

Cambridge has four theatres, three cinemas, and two major entertainment venues – The Junction and The Corn Exchange – offering varied programmes that include comedy, drama, dance, concerts and club nights.

A distinct advantage is proximity to London: Cambridge is well served by road and rail links, and is within easy distance of the major London airports.

We are also among the 20 best places to live in Britain! 🙂

Cambridge is multi-cultural. With approximately 25,000 students graduating every year, we are one of the world most famous cities for offering a sophisticated study experience and enjoyable student living.

All students are treated equally as individuals, both when they apply to Cambridge Seminars College and while they study here, allowing overseas students to be fully integrated.

The time that you spend in Cambridge will be a highly rewarding and unforgettable experience, whether you are studying on a short course or as a full-time undergraduate.

I would like to welcome each and every one of you to our college and you are more than welcome to ask me any questions (even the most difficult ones!), simply email me on:


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Kasia Wasielewska
Head of Recruitment and Business Development

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BSc (Hons) and MSc in Organization of Seaborne Trade, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland Level 2 NVQ in Retail Skills, Retail Foundation Level of Oxford Summer School, Graduate of Management and Leadership programme of KAPLAN International.

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