Is it about to become easier to study in the UK?

It might be about to become significantly easier for international students to study in the UK, according to new changes to the immigration system.

One of the UK’s top international exports is world-class education, with many of the world’s very best Universities being based in the UK, and cutting edge scientific research taking place in almost every inch of the British Isles. It is no surprise, then, that many bright and ambitious young people choose to come to the UK and study from the very best professionals in their fields.

However one obstacle to coming to the UK has always been the sometimes-complicated UK Visa and Immigration system. Like many countries, the UK issues many different types of visa, all with differing requirements and limitations, with many being expensive to obtain. At Cambridge Seminars College, we have spent a lot of time helping students and their families understand the system better, but even with our help, it can be daunting to any prospective applicant.

Things are about to get easier!

At the moment, many students have to apply for a special kind of visa in order to study in the UK as an international student in Cambridge – a short-term study visa. This visa was designed to accommodate students looking to live in the UK for a limited period while they complete their studies with an accredited college or University. However, the short-term study visa is being phased out at the end of this year.

This means that international students can now complete their studies (of up to six months) on a standard visitor visa. This is the same visa that is required to visit the UK on holiday, and the application process is much simpler!

English Language requirements are also changing…

It remains the case that all students must demonstrate a minimum standard of English, however, there are now more accepted tests and certificates that can be used to access British education. More SELT tests are becoming accepted in the UK immigration system, which will make acquiring legal entry into the UK simpler and quicker!

We’re very excited about these changes, as they will undoubtedly help more young people challenge themselves in the rigorous UK academic environment.

You can find more information about pending changes to UK visas on HM Government’s website:

*Information correct as of 26 August 2020

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Jacob Klimaszewski

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