It is a week of beginnings and endings at Cambridge Seminars

It is a week of beginnings and endings at Cambridge Seminars this week. Those students who began their academic journey with us back in March, are now finalising their places in University, and we have been assisting in tying up places at Universities such as York, Brighton and Coventry for courses as diverse as Business Management, Sports and Marine Biology.

As we see these next steps being taken, we also hear of past students completing their adventures in education, such as Chiara, who studied with us in 2014 and has just achieved a quite remarkable First Class BSc in Marine Biology from Aberdeen. She will very much be one to keep an eye on in the future.

The future has been the topic of conversation for our new starters this week, particularly during their UCAS workshops. The end of the course may seem a long way away during the first week, but it is never too early to start discussing goals, courses and destinations so we can do our best to make sure all of our students achieve the very best that they can.

Amongst the new cohort we have a fascinating range of subjects: Art and Design, Biology, Business and Management, English Literature, French, International Relations, Politics, Geography, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Maths, Mechanics, Psychology and Modern History to name just a few. Taking these course, alongside our Academic and Cultural English and Study and Research Skills sessions, we have students from the Bahamas, Austria, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, The Sudan, Indonesia, France, Angola, Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Brazil, Sri Lanka and the UK.

We’ll be providing the expert level tuition and wraparound pastoral and welfare support that are the crucial ingredients of success. All the students need to add now, is a splash of dedication and a sprinkling of hard work and we’re confident they’ll be achieving everything for which they had hoped, and possibly more.

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