Learning English While Working Full-Time

For anyone looking to learn English in the UK, the prospect of balancing a full-time job while also moving forward with your studies can be daunting, and requires good time management and dedication. What can we do to help manage our schedules better? Is it possible to balance both properly? The answer is yes! 

Daria works full-time for the college itself, while balancing her own English education! We asked her what her thoughts were on why it’s great to learn English, even if you’re working full-time!

“Even if you are an excellent speaker, if you are working in a country where you are not a native speaker there will be a large language barrier. How hard it might be sometimes to get used to the slang and idioms used in the English-speaking country. This can potentially make even the most routine events hard and stressful for you. Taking extra English classes will be a good idea in this case.

As a college employee, I was fortunate to have an unforgettable experience attending English classes. My assumption that learning English is boring and routine (especially for an adult) has changed after the first lesson. Teachers covered all the topics necessary for both work and everyday life and made the lessons very exciting, full of positivity and fun, which contributed to a better assimilation of the materials. Despite the fact that the classes were taught remotely, I never felt a lack of attention from the teachers – even when I wanted to hide, they always asked me to answer 🙂

I can confidently say that my English was significantly improved after classes with Cambridge Seminars College. Now, I am a confident user of using English even in very specific fields. So “take the bull by the horns” and try this amazing experience yourself.”

With remote-learning options, taught live from an expert tutor, now is a great time to dust-off from lockdown, and really think about Learning English in Cambridge!

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Jacob Klimaszewski

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