Max’s Journey through CSC, and getting accepted in Edinburgh!

A wonderful story of hard-work and success from one of our students, as she shares her experiences!

All About Max

Max studied with us in the 2019/2020 Academic Year, taking a 9-month Foundation Course in the UK, specialising in Architecture. Now, she is looking forward to going to a top University, thanks to her success in her Foundation Course!!

We are so happy when we are able to help students unlock their potential, as well as start them on journeys to achieve their aspirations. So, when looking back, what did Max have to say about Cambridge Seminars College?

How did you find out about CSC?

My uncle is an agent and he recommended this school to me.

What did he say when he was recommending it?

Firstly he introduced the foundation course and how a Chinese student can study in a foreign country. He talked about the fact that the college is based in a beautiful and famous UK city. Also, as it’s a 9 month Foundation course, you don’t have to stay very long so it is a much better option for an international student!

How would you describe your experience while studying at CSC?

It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me! At first, I was a little nervous, as this was the first time I was studying abroad. I didn’t know how to communicate with my classmates as my English wasn’t perfect. But after a while, I found that the tutors and other students were lovely, and were more than happy to help and support me. It was a great experience!

You said you were struggling with your English when you first arrived. CSC helps students with their English as part of our Foundation Programme – how did you find this experience?

I attended a lot of English classes! At first I was very quiet in class, but the tutor always interacted with everyone in the class – which is very different from English classes in China! In China, English classes are basically sitting in a classroom listening to the tutor, and you won’t talk very much. It’s very serious.

At CSC, it’s more like just chatting to your tutor and classmates, talking about yourself and your hobbies while improving your English along the way!

What would you say were the best parts of studying your architecture course with us?

I think the best part was how everything was so new! It was great to meet students from other countries, new tutors and a new city.

Did you make new friends at Cambridge Seminars College?

I’m normally not the kind of person to start conversations, as I’m a bit shy. But my classmates talked to me a lot, and I also attended lots of different events run by the college such as basketball matches, and punting. Despite the fact I had no idea how to play basketball! It was really fun to play together with my classmates anyway! They even let me shoot! I still keep in contact with my classmates even though I’ve now left the college.

How would you describe your tutors, and how they helped support you during your studies?

My art tutor always gave me useful advice on my painting, even though my point of view on art differed a lot from theirs! She was always able to give me very good advice. My tutors helped support me while I was learning, both inside and after the class as well. They always offered additional support if I was struggling with anything.

How are you doing now? How has your time with CSC helped you move towards your goals?

At the moment I am still in the UK because of travel restrictions from Coronavirus, so I can’t go back to my hometown yet. I am still spending time studying, and this September I am starting on a new course at Edinburgh University in Architecture! Cambridge Seminars College helped open doors for me to attend a really good university.

If a friend or family member was thinking about studying in the UK – what would you say to them about Cambridge Seminars College?

I think I would definitely recommend Cambridge Seminars College to them as a place to study. Cambridge is a beautiful and very peaceful city, and, on the other hand, I think studying at Cambridge Seminars College is a very wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend studying there. There are very good courses, and the tutors are very experienced. It’s a really good place for any international student!

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