Red, amber, green – GO!: Cambridge is opening up, and so are we.

The city of Cambridge is known throughout the world for its legendary university, beautiful, historic attractions and wonderful restaurants. Being a centrally-located College, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing our students adjust seamlessly to the “new normal” , catching up with friends or appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Whether that’s a Chelsea Bun at Fitzbillies, a sausage roll at Benet’s or choosing something from the array of international street food from the Market Square. 

At Cambridge Seminars College, we have adapted successfully to changes in the current global environment. For example, our new building is designed to provide a COVID-secure teaching, whilst making sure the learning experience is still bursting with fun-filled, challenging and thought provoking activities. Alongside the academic content, our past activities have included punting down the historic River Cam, day trips and sports activities, bowling and discos, and we are reintroducing them gradually. This is because we believe that an integral approach to education equips developing minds with skills and knowledge that bust open the barriers of the National Curriculum – and will stick with them for life.

Fast forward to the (post-COVID) future, rest assured you’ll be surrounded by postcard-like scenery, in a city centre location, which is endowed with top-notch amenities and a safe and supportive, multicultural college environment that prides itself on facilitating learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Bustling, even on a Sunday, the market is overlooked by Great St Mary’s church Caption
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Cambridge is Open!

On a related note, our September 2020 cohort is coming to the end of their course. Some of them have already received offers from top British Universities such as the University of Durham and the University of Birmingham, and are keen to explore all that a  “normal” UK university life has to offer when they start this upcoming academic year in October.

As the UK embraces its new-found freedom, if there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us is to embrace purpose, potential, and possibilities – which are endless. At the beginning of 2020, the term “blended learning” was unfamiliar to the majority of us;  sounding as if it were some kind of buffet-style teaching or a “soup”. And yet, coupled with “lockdown” and “social distancing”,  blended learning was to become not only a part of our daily Covid-era jargon, but an important element of our role as teachers and learners.

This is just one example that best illustrates the intrinsic value of technology as a powerful tool for transforming learning. This positions Cambridge Seminars College as a unique place of academic excellence where online and face-to-face tuition are conveyed.  We are looking to expand this blended model in the future: one where the real challenge, and the true opportunity, is to evolve and adapt. It is up to the coming generations to choose the path to the next normal – A new normal that may even be better than the old one; and certainly an alternative one. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post series,  introducing our brand new Young Learners Programme, which will be launched in July. Our readers will gain a deeper insight into how we are utilising our academic knowledge and expertise  to positively influence young minds.

Happy blogging!

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