Sporting Activities at CSC

Cambridge Seminars College Team wants to offer a wide variety of exciting activities for all our students, so we are organizing weekly sporting activities where everyone is welcome, those who are talented and those who have never played before!

We started organising a football match, we had two enthusiastic teams ready to kick the ball and score lots of goals on Parker’s Piece -Some of the students showed their fantastic abilities competing against the CSC staff and we are not sure who won but it was great fun! The interesting fact is that the original rules for the game were developed by Cambridge University students so we were playing in the birthplace of the game (How cool is that!!)

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photo_2019-11-19_15-58-01 (3)
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Then, we organised a basketball activity…an hour of good, casual basketball and happiness! This activity was really popular, we had a lot of students turning up and honestly we could see how talented, strong and full of energy they are! We might think of organising a mini-tournament involving other schools (how good does the “CSC League” sound 🙌)

So what’s next? Salsa dance activity 💃all get ready to shake your hips having fun moving to music. For those who are not familiar with “Salsa”, this word is Spanish for “sauce” (usually hot and spicy), which is an appropriate description for a dance that’s energetic and passionate. Let’s have fun, making the most of our time at the College and Cambridge!

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