Staff & Student football match

Our latest activity was a staff and student football match on none other than Parker’s Piece, the field that the rules of modern football were invented, which you can read more about on our blog here:

Despite some early worries about the weather and the fact that the freshers fair was on in Parker’s Piece, we were able to find an available pitch and the weather was surprisingly nice for an Autumn afternoon (though some of our students from warmer countries wouldn’t agree with me on that!)

The teams consisted of a combination of staff and students, with bags and bikes making up the goalposts. The game was very close, reaching a score of 10-10 before most of us gave up on keeping score, this promoted a second game to start after a quick change of teams. The game was again very close and eventually culminated in an old fashioned ‘next goal wins’ rule. The goal was scored by our principal Phil after a good team move and after just under 2 hours of playing, it was time to call it a day.

Up next, Basketball and Salsa Dancing are on the activity agenda.

Football pic 1
Football pic 2
Football pic 3
Football pic 4
Football pic 5

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