The day Lord Byron outsmarted Cambridge University

From not being allowed to bring his dog, to walking around campus with a bear.

In 1805 when British poet Lord Byron studied at Trinity college in Cambridge, the college authorities told him that he couldn’t bring his pet dog with him as dogs were banned. Lord Byron was so annoyed by this that he brought a bear with him instead! He argued that the rules didn’t say anything about being forbidden from keeping a bear.

Surprisingly, Lord Byron won the argument against the college and the bear stayed with him in his room, he would also walk the bear around the college ground on a chain. Furthermore, Byron tried to get the bear enrolled as a student, he was unsuccessful with this however. Possibly because one thing to make a students exams more stressful would be to have a bear sat next to them!

Lord Byron was a huge animal lover, and it wasn’t just bears that he kept as pets. He also kept geese, horses, monkeys peacocks, an eagle, guinea hens, a badger, a fox, a heron, a falcon, an Egyptian crane, a goat and a crow! Makes me feel bad for complaining about cleaning after my one cat!

Lord Byron was romantic poet whose name became known across europe, his most famous works included “When We Two Parted”, “She Walks In Beauty” and “The Isles of Greece”. He died just days after contracting a fever, historians are still unsure how Lord Byron died so quickly, they have suggested it may have been sepsis that killed him.

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