The Life of a Law Student at Cambridge Seminars College

by Shoshana Mitchell

The disturbing case of R v Dudley and Stephens is etched in the minds of every law student.  Three men, Dudley, Stephens, and Parker survived the sinking of their ship and were stranded at sea in a lifeboat.  After 19 days, Dudley and Stephens killed and ate Parker in order to survive.  After returning to England, they were convicted of murder and sentenced to 6 months in prison. Should they have been convicted? Should the defence of necessity have applied? Is 6 months in prison a fair sentence? Should public opinion be taken into account?

What does it mean to study law at CSC?

Law comes to life for students at Cambridge Seminars College with the exploration of real-world cases, such as R v Dudley and Stephens.  The A Level and Foundation law courses introduce students to criminal and tort law through interactive lessons, debates and research assignments. 

What types of law courses are there at CSC?

The Foundation Course is the most popular law course at Cambridge Seminars College. The course provides a firm foundation for further legal studies, whether in England or abroad. Previous students have gone on to read law at a university in Cambridge and study maritime law at a university in Italy. 

How are students assessed in the subject of law at CSC?

The Foundation Course involves an introduction to legal concepts, including alternative dispute resolution, legal personnel and statutory interpretation. After this, the course examines criminal law in relation to non-fatal offences against the person and tort law*, specifically negligence.  Students are assessed by two examinations, one predominantly focusing on criminal law and the other on tort law.  

What do current students enjoy most about studying law at CSC?


“Law is by far the most outstanding subject that I have learnt and explored in my foundation level so far. By studying Law, it has expanded my knowledge and confidence. I believe you will definitely enjoy and will gain a lot of knowledge and skills by taking Law at Cambridge Seminar College, especially under the support and guidance of a professional tutor”.  


“I enjoy studying law because I have been brought up around law, both my parents are lawyers which was where my interest in the subject began. When I joined CSC, I was new to law in the sense that I had never studied it before. Now that I am studying the subject, it has opened my eyes more to what has happened around the world and what can happen. The subject slowly grew on me and now I am even more interested than before”. 

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*Law of Tort: “The law of tort is a wide-ranging body of rights, obligations and remedies applied by the courts in civil proceedings. … A tort is a civil wrong by the ‘tortfeasor’ that unfairly results in loss or harm to another. This makes the tortfeasor liable to the other.” – Definition courtesy of

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