Top 5 Universities for Business studies

According to a study by Open Access Government, Business studies was the third most popular undergraduate course subject in 2018/2019. The course had 206,970 accepted students in the UK, following closely behind Medicine & Biomedical Sciences with 254,150 and 220,920 students respectively.

Business has also been one of the most popular subjects here at Cambridge Seminars College for a number of years now. With more Business students due to arrive in a few weeks for our March 2020 intake, here is a list of the top 5 universities for studying Business in the UK according to The Complete University Guide.

In reverse order:

5. Kings College London
Kings college is based right in the centre of London just a short walk away from the London Eye and Big Ben. The University is placed 25th on the overall UK university league table.

Required grades A*AA

4. Loughborough University
Loughborough is a town located in Leicestershire with a population of approximately 59,317. The town has a train station which goes to many key cities such as London, Luton, Sheffield and Leeds. The University is placed 8th on the overall UK university league table.

Required grades AAB – ABB

3. University of Exeter
As the name suggests, Exeter University is based in the city of Exeter, which is southwest of England near the seaside and just a short drive from Cornwall. The University ranks 11th on the overall UK University league table.

Required grades AAA

2. University of Bath
Bath is the county of Somerset’s largest city with an approximate population of 88,859. The city got its name from the Roman bath’s built in the city in 60AD. The University of Bath ranks 9th on the overall UK university league table.

Required grades AAA or A*AB

1. University of St Andrews
St Andrews is a small town in Fife, Scotland based between Edinburgh and Dundee with a population of approximately 16,801. Despite its small size, the town has a botanic garden, an aquarium and a museum. The University ranks 3rd on the overall UK university league table.

Required grades ABB to A* A* A*

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