Two things to remember when planning your revision

1. It may sound strange to say, but wherever you go, remember that you’ll always be there.

It’s very easy to plan and picture revision with a fresh-faced, keen and energetic you, scribbling frantically away with a pen in one hand and a highlighter in the other. Reality can be quite different however, and this alter ego won’t be the one with a sore hand and a brain throwing a temper tantrum and insisting it can’t take any more. When you plan, remember to be realistic and be kind. Plan your revision timetable with plenty of breaks, time for relaxation and a mix of activities, throwing in a few relevant videos or podcasts.

2. Whichever subject or area you are dreading revising, jump in with both feet and plan to do it first. More than one thing you’re dreading? Put one at the start of each day or session. Not only will you have the most energy at this point, but the feeling of having slayed your most fearsome revision dragon, will motivate and carry you through the rest of the more interesting and enjoyable topics.

The longer you put it off, the longer it will hang over your head, nagging away at you like a younger sibling.

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Phil Scherb

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