What is it like to Study English at Cambridge Seminars College?

A snapshot of learning English with our expert tutors at Cambridge Seminars College

Here at Cambridge Seminars College we offer daily English classes for students of all levels of English. We guarantee small class sizes so that all students are given the individual attention that will propel their language learning, confidence and experience at the college forward!

These classes are taught by a range of teachers with different backgrounds, accents and specialities for students to learn from. All teachers at the college are highly qualified, motivated, and engaging. They endeavour to develop the language and ability of students in an inspirational environment, through organised, varied and interesting exercises. These include all of the key disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and listening practice. 

As a small and friendly team, teachers are in close contact with each other as well as the wider Academic and Student Services teams to ensure that each student is satisfied with their course and progression within it. On top of this and the strong foundation of general EFL teaching at the college, comprehensive exam preparation for specific qualifications like the FCE, IELTS and C1 Advanced is also available at Cambridge Seminars College. EFL courses can run independently for students, or supplement their study in other areas. All of this can be discussed and arranged with the advice of our knowledgeable Principal, Academic Staff, and your tutors.

With all sorts of students in different situations enrolling at the college for varying lengths of time, our EFL courses are always welcoming, flexible, and offer achievable progress in one of the most prolific languages in the world. 

Let’s take a look at the C1 Advanced course at CSC:

What does the study of C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge English: Advanced or CAE) involve?

The study of C1 Advanced involves developing an understanding of its high-level exam structure and content by paying close attention to its component Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening sections. By practicing each section through past papers, exercises, and identifying individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, students master the timing and approach for exam success, and so develop confidence across all sections. 

Why is it important to study C1 Advanced?

It is important to study C1 Advanced as gaining the qualification provides widely-recognised proof of high-level English language skills for various institutions, employers and further education providers. Such dedicated study also demonstrates commitment, understanding and reliability, which will also prove important qualities in students’ future endeavours.

What do students enjoy most about studying C1 Advanced at Cambridge Seminars College?

Students enjoy the accessible, flexible and varied approach to teaching and learning provided by Cambridge Seminars College. Whilst dedicating due time and attention to the formalities of the exam, students enjoy that lessons remain interesting and stimulating at CSC. A variety of content and approaches are adopted to ensure students’ sustained interest, as well as exam success.

What types of courses do people take who study C1 Advanced?

Here at CSC we are able to provide a course specifically dedicated to the study of C1 Advanced either 1-2-1 or in small groups so there is no need to take separate courses. It is also possible for students to supplement their learning at the college by taking additional EFL lessons available at various levels.

How are students assessed in C1 Advanced?

As well as the ultimate focus on the paper or computerised and externally assessed C1 Advanced examination, students are assessed using continual assessment through past papers, comprehension questions and spelling tests set by their CSC tutors.

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