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Just about the only certain thing in education right now, is the uncertainty in education right now. At Cambridge Seminars we have been fortunate that the small class sizes and student centered approach we always adopt, have enabled us to provide consistency, continuity and reassurance to our students as they chart the choppy waters to their A Levels exclusively online. Being a small college, we are also nimble, so have been able to promise students that no matter what the guidance from exam boards about how we assess and award grades this year, we are confident that we have the skills, experience and flexibility to enable our students to demonstrate their potential and ability and receive the grades they deserve following robust assessment.
From our experience last year, we also knew there would be hard working and deserving external candidates out there who found themselves in a similar position, but without any support or idea of how they might now achieve and receive the grades for which they had worked so hard. These external candidates would usually study independently or be helped by a private tutor, only coming into a college or exam centre to take the final exam itself. But if there is no final exam, well – what then? Schools and colleges can’t provide a teachers’ assessed grade without working with the candidate for long enough to assess that grade!

We realised we were uniquely placed to be able to offer external candidates a chance to get on board with us, even at short notice and for a comparatively short time. They can study with us and be assessed with us along the way in dedicated mini groups, on a short, compact course. Our small class sizes and experienced tutors ensure that we can offer expert tuition across the range of exam boards and our flexible and robust online systems meant that we were confident we would be able to assess the students, whatever the government guidance and protocols eventually prove to be.

This short course runs from March to June and offers external candidates the opportunity to complete their A levels and be confident that the grades they deserve will be awarded as they should be. We’re really looking forward to welcoming these students into the college, getting to know them and helping to ensure this silly virus doesn’t stop them getting to where they deserve to be . While the pandemic may be doing its best to close doors, we should also take pleasure in being able to open new ones, and in crossing paths and meeting with new students and candidates where we might otherwise never have had the chance.

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