Covid-19 Response – Cambridge Seminars College

Principal Phil Sherb

It is a time of uncertainty, with unprecedented issues and problems facing each of us. Here at Cambridge Seminars, we are working hard to ensure that our existing and future students can continue to learn, progress and reach their expected destinations within the same caring, student-centred setting. We promise to:

1] Continue to monitor the changing situation and adhere to all state guidelines and advice.

2] Continue to provide high-quality, individualised, small group tuition.

3] Continue to create and promote a collegiate, family atmosphere, focusing on welfare, pastoral care and mental and physical well-being.

4] Continue to provide expert individual guidance, helping students make the right progression choices and helping them reach the best destination for them.

Our online learning:
We have embraced the move online to protect staff and students. The transition has been smooth, as we have been using Google Classrooms to support learning and remote connect when needed for some time. Our small class sizes mean the face to face interaction is still at the heart of what we do, and all scheduled hours take place with a tutor.

Google Classroom is a wonderful tool to supplement our interactive classes, and hosts all of our supplementary multi-media materials. This weekly bank ensures students starting late or missing classes due to the current situation, have an easily accessible learning resource to refer to between classes.

Our online community:
We recognise the role the college plays in the life of our students and have looked to continue this online. Now more than ever it is vital that students feel supported and part of a community. In addition to our frequent Welfare and Academic tutorials, we provide virtual drop in common room, host quizzes, and online music and arts programmes. Help and support is available 24/7.

Staying in touch
We understand that we are in an ever changing situation. We will continue to monitor all guidance and regulations to ensure we are offering the best possible service whilst keeping all staff, students and families as safe and secure as possible. We will make sure we update all students and parents of those under 18 on a regular basis and are always available to answer questions or discuss concerns.

I’d like to personally thank all of our staff and students for their understanding, patience and support during this time. Watching everyone pull together to move the wonderful, family atmosphere that is at the heart of what we do online, has been heartwarming.

With very best wishes,

Phil Scherb
Principal, Cambridge Seminars College

With every good wish,

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