English Courses
in Cambridge

For International Students, EU Nationals
living in Cambridge and simply everyone (age 16+)

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English course (1 month)

27 August – 21 September

24 July – 19 October

+ Accommodation

+ Two excursions

Our Package Deal is ideal for International Students who are looking to combine English tuition with an exciting social activity programme.Package include tuition, accommodation for one month and an punting tour in Cambridge.

Cost of the course



Punt tour in Cambridge
English course 1 month

Choose your course

Start any Monday, All levels from Elementary to Advanced*

Number of weeks 25 hours per week Monday to Friday,9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 to 15.00 15 hours per week Monday to Friday,9.00 - 12.00
Course for 2 weeks £500 £300
Course for 4 weeks £800 £480
Course for 8 weeks £1,600 £960
Course for 10 weeks £2,000 £1,200
Course for 12 weeks £2,400 £1,440
Course for 24 weeks £3,600 £2,160
Course for 44 weeks £6,600 £3,960

You will take a placement test on arrival for us to identify your level and place you in correct group

About Cambridge Seminars College

Cambridge Seminars College is renowned for its teaching excellence, its personal attention to student needs and its individual support to students.

Students reviews
Rinat Kasymkhanov
From Kazakhstan, General English

I came to Cambridge to learn the English language and chose the College of Seminars. The price is very attractive, considering the individual lessons with highly qualified teachers who can help you to fill the gaps and reach your full potential using different interesting activities. I have been studying here for one month, but I have already seen my progress. I have learned more here than in my school of 11 years.

Riccardo Ruotolo
From Italy, General English

What I can say, I am very happy for my improvement at Cambridge Seminars in just 3 months.I like the teaching and the best for me is having small classes. It is very good to improve quickly. The lessons time is very good too.

Carlos Mir
From Spain, General English

I am Carlos Mir from Barcelona. I’m very happy to have found the Academy because they are very professional people both Liuba and Mark are very well prepared people and they seem to tailor our lessons like a well made suit.

It Is just what I was looking for! Best wishes.

Marta Vescera
From Italy, General English

Hi, I am Marta, I am from Italy.

I like Cambridge Seminars College because every day I come to learn a lot of new things. My English is improving every day and I am so happy. Before my English was so horrible but now I can talk without problems (more or less) So, thanks to Cambridge Seminars College.

Rimma Kashkinova
From Kazakhstan, General English

It was a really great time at Cambridge Seminars College in Cambridge. I really enjoyed learning English and at the same time meeting people from different countries. I would like to thank organizers who took care of my stay here to make it comfortable. Thanks to teachers for their professionalism of a high level. I’ve never met teachers this much truly devoted to their work and principles!

This college is the best place for the students, where they can learn English and get the opportunity to experience a different life style. A life full of knowledge, less or restrictions, more of energy and enthusiasm and an urge to learn more. It is a great platform for students to meet people with different professions like architecture students, teachers, waiters, engineers and artists from different parts of the world. It really helped me to broaden my view towards life and to make good friends.

I really thank you for all that you gave me. I admire you for the amount of skills and knowledge you have. I would like to keep in touch with you. Thank you so much.

Course Objectives

Students study a General English course during the morning classes 9.00 – 12.00 which can be followed by further General English or Academic/ Cultural Skills lessons in the afternoons 13.00 – 15.00.

  • General English lessons

    Our teachers use communicative approach with mixed nationality students working in pairs and small groups to increase the amount of practice they have on a daily basis. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are systematically taught in a way that helps students communicate in real life and business situations. Students can expect to learn new vocabulary and common English phrases every day. The college uses the latest course books and learning materials which our teachers adapt to make relevant to the particular students’ needs.

  • Academic Skills lessons

    The afternoon lessons if chosen each focus on a different academic skill such as; reading, writing, listening or speaking. Topics include:

    • Giving presentations and taking part in discussions
    • Taking notes in lectures
    • Understanding complex texts
    • Constructing paragraphs and writing essays
  • Homework and assessment

    Students are expected to complete approximately one hour of homework every day. Regular tests help students to see the progress they have made, with regular ‘spot tests’ in weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 of the term. Longer tests are done in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8, and a final exam is done in week 10 of the term.

Our Teachers
Lebari Edo-Ukpong (Mrs)
Managing Director Inside Edge Limited

I just want to appreciate your professional service during
the last admission cycle. Your response to my initial inquiry
was prompt and detailed and the process from registration
to enrollment was seamless which made my work with the
student easier. I visited the College and quite liked the small
class sizes and individual attention to student’s issues
including academic and pastoral.
I look forward to an enduring and productive relationship
with Cambridge Seminars College.

Alexander Suslov
International Exam Centre Association of Language Schools (ALS) www.exam-center.ru

My cooperation with CSC hasn`t been very long yet. I`ve sent only one student for a foundation programme. But my first impressions are very positive. Please find advantages of the college programme for both a student and an agent
1. A foundation course longs for 6 months so a student doesn`t have to apply for a Tier 4 visa. And it`s much easier to get the one having an Alevel or a Foundation diploma and previous 6 months visa
2. High quality of teaching (according to my student)
3. Recognition. My student had no problem applying for a undergraduate course at 2 unversities
4. Student care. When student asked to change her accomodation – it was done very quickly
5. Academic staff support. We received all references and transcripts from CSC director of studies when they were demanded by the unversity
6. Good and quick communication between me as an agent and the college admin on all stages – applying, getting docs for a visa, looking for accomodation, applying to a university ets.
7. Good comission rate and very fast comission payment

Telegram_2019-10-22 13-11-37@2x
Head of Recruitment and Business Development

Cooperating with Cambridge Seminars College is a fantastic experience. All the staff are very supportive, which have made all the applications always in a fast track. Our students are very excited of being a member of CSC, and they are always taken cared by the kind teachers at CSC. We do believe we would like to have a long term cooperation together in the future’.

Agent Support Coordinator
Vicky Ma

About me

MA Business and Culture Studies

I work for Marketing and Sales team in College. My job is included to cooperate with Chinese agents and schools, answer students’ enquiries, update college wechat social media and translation documents.

Agent Support Coordinator
Daria Hrymovska

About me

I have great experience in customer support, which I apply in my current position. My daily work involves communicating with agents and establishing long lasting relationships with education agencies. My aim is to deliver high levels of service and quality at all times that result in mutual satisfaction for both sides.

Student Services Manager
Monica Seix Leria

About me

I have a solid customer service background, a vast experience working as an administrator and managing different projects within The Public Administration and hospitality industry. I have completed an Advanced programme in Business Management and Administration, a Degree in Tourism and I also have a Degree in audio-visual media. I have experienced a language school as a student in Cambridge and Oxford, which was truly amazing and inspiring so now is time for me to share all my knowledge and support students throughout their stay, ensuring they feel well looked after and part of the CSC family

Recruitment and Admissions Officer
Abd Omar

About me

BA (Hons) English Literature and MA (Hons) English Language Teaching. I deal with the Sales and Marketing side of the college. My daily job includes reviewing students’ documents and issuing offer letters and answering students’ questions about their visa applications.

Assistant Student Services Manager
Isobel Green

About me

I have worked in language schools both in the UK and abroad and thoroughly enjoy both the academic and operational sides of the industry. I recently experienced a language school environment from a client’s side as a Spanish student at a school in Argentina. It was an amazing experience travelling and learning a beautiful language.

I grew up in Scotland and still travel back there regularly. I also know Cambridge very well from long periods of my life living here so love to share my knowledge of it with visitors.

Phil Scherb

About me

BA, (Hons) English Literature and Theatre. DELTA (M.A.) English Language Teaching

After completing my studies I lived and worked abroad for many years before settling down in Cambridgeshire. I have been teaching for over 20 years, and have a real passion for education and understanding and exploring the science behind how learning best takes place. I have been in education management for over 13 years and always want the college and each student to be the best that they can be. When I’m not at work, I enjoy making music (badly), writing (even worse), playing golf (terribly) and being besieged and harassed by my two small boys.

Sales and marketing
Vinnie Tesse

About me

BA (Hons) in Business Administration
HNC/ HND in Business Studies
I have a clear logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.
I am currently working in the Marketing and Admissions Team at CSC.
I am responsible for student recruitment, I overlook the application process from start to the students’ arrival date at the college.
I am always happy to help and support your application and answer all your questions. You can reach me on our college email address, web chat and Facebook.



Host Family Accommodation

We have well-established links with local host families who provide term-time accommodation to students on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner included). Some families look after just one or two students while others are happy to provide accommodation for several students. Students have their own individual rooms with study facilities. Host family accommodation is particularly suitable for students who appreciate a family atmosphere and would like to experience the english culture in a friendly environment.

Standart Week £200
En-suite Week £210

Students residence

We can now offer our students a room in a brand new student residence, beautifully decorated with a great atmosphere. Within a 20 minutes walk from the college along the river walk and equipped with study facilities, a gym, a cinema room and access to a electrobike during their stay, this accommodation option offers a friendly environment for our students to enjoy their new home for the duration of their studies.

Price Week £230

Please note that the residence is for 18+ year olds only.



London Tour

One day guided tour that take you through the heart of The City and Westminster to London bridge and City of London

Punt tour

The essential part of any Cambridge experience, punt tour through the Backs takes you along one of the most beautiful lengths of river in England. Award-winning tour offers the perfect introduction to Cambridge, so you will enjoy the spectacular views whilst your expert guide brings the city’s fascinating story to life