Cambridge Seminars College is located in the heart of Cambridge, which is famous as a centre of learning, with the City centre only a five-minute cycle ride or ten-minute walk from the college.


Cambridge is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe about 50 minutes north of London on the train. It combines the old with the new spectacularly well; you are surrounded by historic and ancient architecture as well as new and ultra-modern buildings. Students account for about a fifth of the city’s population, so you will be becoming an important part of this diverse community when you come to study here. With a population of 120,000, Cambridge is a small, safe, town with a low crime rate with everything being within walking distance.

Despite it being such a small city, there is a wide selection of entertainment and leisure facilities in Cambridge. Further information about Cambridge and guides to life in the city can be found at: www.visitcambridge.org.

Cambridge caters for people of all religions and there are facilities and communities for followers of all the major religions.