Extensive practice and feedback in preparing the actual proposal you will present for an MPhil, PhD or DBA award

January 2018 15 Jan 2018 – 06 Apr 2018 Applications closed

£Tuition fee: £5000

April 2018 23 Apr 2018 – 13 Jul 2018 Applications closed

£Tuition fee: £5000

September 2018 24 Sep 2018 – 14 Dec 2018 Applications open 3 months

£Tuition fee: £5000

Pre-Doctoral Programmes in Cambridge

This programme has been developed for UK, EU and international students intending to undertake MPhil and/or doctoral studies, whether PhD or DBA, in the English medium. Being accepted for doctoral study by universities throughout the world is increasingly competitive. It is therefore vital that you have a clearly defined and well-researched proposal at the very outset of your engagement with an intended university. This programme has been carefully structured to help you do just that.

It is also advisable that you can demonstrate to your intended university a strong academic background, if they are to admit you to doctoral studies. This will usually mean that you have attained, in the UK context, an upper second honours classification (or its international equivalent) in your first degree or that you have demonstrated a similar level of achievement in a postgraduate qualification in your chosen subject.

The Pre-Doctoral Programme seeks to strengthen the academic English and doctoral study skills which are required from the very outset as you prepare your research proposal. Being able to conduct an effective literature review in your chosen field is a key element in your choice of research topic, research title and the research questions you will seek to address. Your ability to apply the various techniques for managing and analysing information and data will also play a key role in the design and implementation of your research proposal, as will your having a firm grasp of the research methods available to you, both qualitative and quantitative.

This Pre-Doctoral Programme will give you extensive practice and feedback in preparing the actual proposal you will present for an MPhil, PhD or DBA award.

Additional English language skills are developed both formally in specified modules and less formally throughout to help you improve whatever initial IELTS (or equivalent) English language score you have attained at the outset of this programme. A minimum of 5.5 IELTS will be required to enter the Pre-Doctoral Preparatory Programme and a minimum of 6.5 IELTS will be required to progress to subsequent studies leading to an MPhil or Doctoral award.

The subjects you will study are:


We recognise that feeling comfortable in a home environment is essential for students who want to study to the best of their ability.

We like to ensure that all our students have their own rooms with appropriate facilities and storage space. We help students locate accommodation within walking distance of the college and we are not far from the historic Cambridge city centre and Grafton shopping centre.

Option 1 - Student residence

We can now offer our students a room in a brand new student residence, beautifully decorated with a great atmosphere. Within a 20 minutes walk from the college along the river walk and equipped with study facilities, a gym, a cinema room and access to a electrobike during their stay, this accommodation option offers a friendly environment for our students to enjoy their new home for the duration of their studies.

Price £230/week £5980/6 month Please note that the residence is for 18+ year olds only.


Option 2 - Host Family Accommodation

We have well-established links with local host families who provide term-time accommodation to students on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner included). Some families look after just one or two students while others are happy to provide accommodation for several students. Students have their own individual rooms with study facilities. Host family accommodation is particularly suitable for students who appreciate a family atmosphere.

Standart £200/week £5200/6 month

En-suite £235/week £6110/6 month

How to Apply

For a place on this programme you will need to send us/upload:

• A copy of your passport;

• Proof of your English level if available – IELTS 5.0 (we do not formally require a certificate);

• Secondary Education transcript, High School Certificate/Diploma, IGCSE/GCSE or equivalent;

• Postal address.

If you are an International student, you may need to apply for a Short term or Tier 4 study visa.

We will send you an invitation letter to support your visa application and will assist you with any queries you may have

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