Student Fee Refund Policy

Refunds of fees will only be made under the following circumstances and at the discretion of the Principal:

Where a student has paid a deposit in good faith and has followed the UKVI guidelines for visa applications, but the visa has been refused and the college is unable to suggest alternative means of securing a visa, the college will reimburse all fees paid less an administration fee of £700 plus any couriers’ or related costs.A copy of the Visa refusal letter must be submitted alongside a signed Tuition Refund Form.

Should a student wish to cancel their course before arrival we require written notice of the cancellation. The following cancellation charges shall apply to tuition fees:

More than 8 weeks before the course start date – an administration charge of £700.

Less than 8 weeks before the course start date – one term’s fees.

Refunds will not be given once a course has started, either due to cancellation or transferring to an alternative course.

Should a student need to withdraw for personal reasons they must provide at least one term’s notice. Fees will be payable for this term, even if the student does not attend the course. Any refunds for withdrawal for personal reasons will only be issued at the discretion of the Principal.

Students expelled from college will be asked to leave immediately and will not be entitled to a refund of their fees.

Where the college cancels a course for which the student has enrolled, the college will reimburse the full fees.

For accommodation, a minimum notice period of one month must be given if a student wishes not to take accommodation upon arrival or wishes to vacate from his current accommodation provider. Accommodation fees will be payable for this month, even if the student does not stay in the accommodation. Written notice must be given and where a student is below 18 years of age parents consent must be obtained.

To make a refund claim, students/parents will need to complete and submit a Tuition Refund Form to the Finance Manager, along with UKVI documents showing visa rejection details if applicable.

The Finance Manager will check the payment details for the student and seek approval from the Principal before processing the refund. Finance Manager will confirm any deductions to be made from the fees and inform the claimant by email. Any bank charges for the refund will be borne by the claimant. This claim will be processed within one month.

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