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Assistant Student Services Manager
Isobel Green

About me

I have worked in language schools both in the UK and abroad and thoroughly enjoy both the academic and operational sides of the industry. I recently experienced a language school environment from a client’s side as a Spanish student at a school in Argentina. It was an amazing experience travelling and learning a beautiful language.

I grew up in Scotland and still travel back there regularly. I also know Cambridge very well from long periods of my life living here so love to share my knowledge of it with visitors.

If you are an International student, you may need to apply for a Short term or Tier 4 study visa.

We will send you an invitation letter to support your visa application and will assist you with any queries you may have

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We recognise that feeling comfortable in a home environment is essential for students who want to study to the best of their ability.

We like to ensure that all our students have their own rooms with appropriate facilities and storage space. We help students locate accommodation within the city and an easy commute to the college, which is centrally located near both the busy shopping and historic centres.

Option 1 - Student residence

Students can book their own rooms in a brand new student residence. It is beautifully decorated with a very good location, just a 20 minute walk away from college.

Please note that the residence is for 18+ years old only.

Please follow the link to book your room


Option 2 - Host Family Accommodation

We have well-established links with local host families who provide term-time accommodation to students on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner included). Some families look after just one or two students while others are happy to provide accommodation for several students. Students have their own individual rooms with study facilities. Host family accommodation is particularly suitable for students who appreciate a family atmosphere.

Standart £200/week £5200/6 month

En-suite £235/week £6110/6 month

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